Tax Deductable


Private Donations

Our private supporters recognize the value of our services to the community. Whether we have touched their lives in some way, or they’ve heard of the wonderful work that we do, or they know us professionally, our donors are an essential part of our organization.



Private Giving Levels

Benefactor ($500 & over)

Patron ($100 & over)

Sponsor ($50 & over)

Supporter ($25 & over)

What your Donation to Prevention Is Key may buy:

$300 - Two-hour presentation to a PTA

$500 - 1,000 pieces of violence prevention literature

$600 - RAINBOWS grief support program for children, 14 weeks, 8 children

$1,000 - Six-hour professional development session for 50 teachers

$1,200 - Seven session research-based prevention program for one class

$3,600 - Seven session research-based prevention program for three classes

$5,000 - Resource Center materials, posters, DVD's and books for one year

$12,600 - Strengthening Familes program for 12 families at-risk, 14 weeks, 3 staff

$20,000 - All of the printed material disseminated to the families we work with in a year

$25,000 - Thirty weeks of after-school prevention programs for elementary school children

$50,000 - Staff position to provide information and referral services to 2000 callers a year

Matching Gifts

Matching gifts programs are provided by many companies in the area. Your employer may match your gift to Prevention Is Key. This may be true if you or your spouse are employed by, serve on a board for, or are retired from a company or organization with such a program. In fact, some employers will even double or triple contributions made by their employees. This makes a significant difference in your contribution. Be sure to ask the director of your human resources department if your company has a matching gift program.

Simply obtain the Matching Gift form from your or your spouse’s employer’s personnel office and send it with your donation to:

25 West Main St. Rockaway, NJ 07866

fax: 973-625-8048

The potential for increased gift income is great, and, with donors taking this active role, many companies can realize the importance of supporting Prevention Is Key through matching gifts.



Planned Giving

There are several ways to include us in your planned giving, but the most common, and often the simplest, form of a planned gift is the bequest, or gift in your will. Because a bequest is a revocable gift, it can be reduced or eliminated if your circumstances require, so that your financial security will not be affected by a will provision. Often a bequest is the only way an individual can make a gift that could not have been afforded during his or her lifetime.

After providing for your loved ones, you can make a provision in your will for Morris County Prevention Is Key, Inc. to receive a fixed amount, a specific percentage of your estate, or a remainder amount after specific distributions have been made. Bequests of all sizes are welcome, as they normally are given without restriction as to how they are used, unlike grants that we receive from the majority of our funders. Thus, bequests can be used to provide valuable services to the community that are not currently funded through other means such as our helpline, community coalition participation, and most of our advocacy work. They could also be used to improve our physical facilities, which is normally not an allowable expense under most grants.

Amending your will to include a bequest does not require rewriting. A codicil is sufficient. There are a variety of ways to make a bequest. You and your attorney can decide which best suits your individual circumstances.

Individual Donations

Individual donations may be made by mail, in person or through our secure on-line system.

By mail:

To make your donation by mail, please send your tax-deductible check or money order to:

25 West Main St. Rockaway, NJ 07866

fax: 973-625-8048






Corporate Donations

Support from our corporate partners helps to insure that quality programs and services will continue to be provided throughout the county. Our donors demonstrate a true commitment to the community as responsible corporate neighbors. They recognize that our services benefit their customers, their employees, their families, and their future workforce. Sponsors are recognized on our website, in our literature, and periodically in the media.

Corporate Giving Levels:

Amethyst ($10,000 & over)

Platinum ($5,000 & over)

Gold ($2,500 & over)

Silver ($1,000 & over)

Bronze ($500 & over)

Associate Sponsor ($100 & over)